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pakistan terror terrorism 2023 pakistan terror terrorism 2023

Defense & Security

The Peshawar blast doesn’t necessarily signal a return of terrorism so much as an escalation of a problem that never really went away.

Pakistan Bayraktar TB2 Runway Pakistan Bayraktar TB2 Runway

Defense & Security

The Pakistan Air Force's UAV arsenal grows with the delivery of Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones.

Pakistan defense arms JF-17 exports Pakistan defense arms JF-17 exports

Defense & Security

Driven by the JF-17 fighter jet, 2021 was a good year for Pakistani defense exports. But can it sustain the momentum?

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climate change health effects pakistan


Climate change and global health are directly related, neither problem can be addressed in isolation in Pakistan or elsewhere.

pakistan cultural diplomacy shakarparian national monument park

Foreign Policy

An effective cultural diplomacy strategy would help Pakistan neutralize latent negative bias that inhibits international cooperation, foreign investment, and tourism.

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