Speedy Injustice: Swat Taliban Beat a 17-Year-Old Girl

Watch the video at the bottom.

There is no trial. No due process. No evidence or witnesses as required by Islamic legal procedure. Just a band of angry young men whipping a young girl.  Accused of adultery, a more likely explanation is that a false allegation was made against her by a Pakistani Taliban warlord whose advances/courtship she spurned.  Does anyone seriously think a woman would try to commit adultery in Taliban-controlled Swat? That’s like a person causing him or herself to bleed in shark-infested water.

An entire region is in the hands of an uneducated and barbaric band of men between the ages of 15 and 35.

This is a terrorist frat party — not a liberation movement.

They call themselves Taliban, or the students, but most have spent barely a few years in school — if any. Most of these men are illiterate. The number of people they have killed outnumbers the books they’ve read. Fazlullah, who claims to be a maulana or religious scholar, worked at an amusement park and spent a maximum of a couple of years at a seminary. That does not qualify him for anything, let alone calling himself a maulana. He is a loser with a gun, holding thousands hostage — the equivalent of making one of those Columbine kids governor of Colorado.

They deem themselves Islamic, but they kill the innocent and violate every agreement they make. Their spokesmen, such as Muslim Khan and Maulvi Umar, routinely lie to the media.

They call themselves Pashtuns, and non-Pashtuns exhibit a deference to their acts, explaining them away with Pashtunwali concepts like badal (revenge) and nang (honor). But they, most often, are the initiators of violence. What of the right of the innocent they’ve targeted to enact revenge on them? No — these men are beyond reproach. And as for izzat and mishertob, there is no honor, no fealty to tribe, in killing and decapitating one’s tribal elders.

They call themselves freedom fighters, but no one has occupied Swat but them. They themselves are the occupiers. They take over the homes and property of others. They have caused tens of thousands to flee. Those who have remained or returned live in a Taliban-run open air prison.

Granted, this video is not necessarily an indication of the Swat courts run by Fazlullah’s father-in-law, Sufi Muhammad of the Tehreek-e Nifaaz-e Shariat-e Muhammadi.  The video might have been recorded before the Swat peace deal; the injustice is likely perpetrated by vigilantes associated with Fazlullah.

That is not to say Sufi is a civil libertarian. But Fazlullah’s Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan – Swat, quite clearly, is a band of thugs.  Religion is used to obfuscate their criminal reality. Evidence of this is despite having all their major demands met, they remain indulged and invested in thuggery. They are looters, murderers, and destroyers. They have no creative capacity. They do not save or improve lives — despite the fact that one of the primary maqasid (objectives) of the shariah they routinely speak of is to protect the lives of human beings.

Right now, in Lower and Upper Dir, they are precipitating the breakdown of law and order by engaging in kidnapping and murder.

In Shangla, they just illegally took over an emerald mine.

Back in Swat, these self-described proponents of Islamic justice did not like a ruling made by the state sanctioned Islamic court; it wasn’t in their favor.  So what did they do?  They tried to go around the system to their warlord, Fazlullah, and get him to make his own decree.  

But Fazlullah is no judge.  He is a criminal. He, not this young girl, should whipped. In fact, he should be struck with the same whip used against this girl. And then, with that same whip, he should be hung to death at Rawalpindi’s Adiala Prison.

These men provide Pakistan not strategic depth, but strategic death.

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13 Responses

  1. [...] anyone actually believe that this girl actually tried to commit adultery? As Arif says, the much more likely explanation is some long-bearded motherfucker wanted to get busy with her, [...]

  2. Hussain-CENTCOM says:

    OMG…these are the evil minded barbarians and illiterate cavemen who are implementing cave laws in Pakistan. With all due and high respect, If Quaid-E-Azam would have seen this today, he would have passed away right on the spot by thinking WTF is going on. is this Islam? where the f^^k is the man who was convicted with this woman? oh, we do not lash the male in TALIBANS ISLAM!!! i would like to see ZARDARI here instead of that girl so i can watch his arse torn apart while having popcorn’s.
    if i was the leader of Pakistan, i would nuke TALIBANS without a second thought….PEACE!

  3. Miss A says:

    I am a pakistani girl and am disgusted by this behaviour, wat a load a BULLSHIT, the man whipping should be whipped, wat a STUPID B**TARD! this is not what islam teaches and he is giving it a bad name, I wish him the BEATING of his life, whether she was at fault or not, that is no way to treat another human being! shame on him, off with his HEAD i say….pathetic bunch of idiots, if u ask me! sensless and giving Islam a bad name with there distorted ideologies!

    May Allah give them what they deserve! thy have no right playing GOD with lives others….

    A load of TOSSERS if u ask me!

  4. [...] Twitter Speedy Injustice: Swat Taliban Beat a 17-Year-Old Girl http://pakistanpolicy.com/2009/04/02/speedy-injustice-swat-taliban-beat-a-young-girl/ 8 hours ago Afghanistan gets its “doctrine of necessity”: http://is.gd/pz1q 2009/03/29 Zardari’s [...]

  5. Hussain-CENTCOM says:

    Pakistan’s eastern evil neighbor is using all its media might to paddle the video to the minds of media infected single minded global assessors. I realized through youtube browsing that this incident was captured 6 months back and the possibility is that it was in northern Afghanistan. these people have no faith and they do not believe in any human rights. the authenticity of this videos origin is not valid till now. this mens club is formed and sponsored by the enemies of peace and humanity. its a propaganda war as it happened in the past as well. this is the power of media and we all get carried away by some sudden emotional excitement.
    still, i do advise to our local media to validate the originality of this scenario before even putting the questionnaires to our local fame hungry politicians, who just wait to show their faces on television without understanding the core gravity of the subject.

  6. Dragon says:

    Bullshit Taliban, if i was there i should have behead all three of them, what a shame! people all around just looking for an amusement! bullshit so called practicing muslims, what a girl has to do ….. i hope on the day of judgment these will be brought to justice, what kind of sharia is it! beating a innocent girl on road, mother F***er piece of shit :X

  7. Indian says:

    Pakistan’s eastern evil neighbor ? what do you mean ?

  8. bhavini says:

    let’s say, for the sake of argument, that this did happen right across the border in afghanistan: does the act itself deserve any less condemnation? does it mean that this woman and the man she was seen with *should* be beaten in public? are they the lesser human beings, undeserving of basic human rights, protections and rule of law? why not spend energy on condemning these terrible acts instead of on conspiracy theories? finally, even if this was perchance shot in afghanistan, let’s please not forget that a portion of pakistan has now fallen to the same elements responsible for these and a multitude of similar violent, heinous acts whose influence is only growing.

  9. Captain says:

    this is anything but islam

  10. girl says:

    i think these people were not humans.Islam not teach such type of things.after watching this vedio i am not able to sleep.i just wanted to shoot them.who said they were muslims?if they come front of me i dont waste single second and first cut there both hands then legs and then insert sharp knife in their eyes and lastly kill them all.

  11. Akbar says:

    one thing i would like to add is about the last comment made by hussain . hey hussain i am sure your a goddamn shia how the f*ck can you prove this that it is northern afghanistan i am from northern afghanistan you motherf*ckr belive in what you hear. and never care about seeing is believing in northern afghanistan there are no pushtoons living there , but the video shows men talking pushtoo which means it is the vidio from taliban occupied swat.and i agree with above two other comments not Hussains,

  12. Evemurphy says:

    Cruel. Inhuman and barbaric. These women deserve just as much to be happy and self-determining as do the men of Afghanistan. It would be a great step forward if a woman were elected to President in the upcoming election. But then again, not likely. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the women of Afghanistan.

  13. Arif Rafiq says:

    Evemurphy, the beating actually took place in Pakistan. But I share with you the hope for a better future for the women — and men — of the region.

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